A Goodbye Letter to Addiction

And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older. Then, one day, you pushed me into that grave and began covering me up. You thought you would be saying the goodbye.

goodbye letter to drug of choice template

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I knew you’d be there to catch me when I started to fall. Well, before I realized that you were the one pushing & shoving me all along, purposely making me slip. To silence the emotions and to stop the pain. You soothe me and nurture me, but you don’t.

I want to become one of those thin, ghost-like beauties that I see walk down the runway. They’re so perfect, my ideal perception of perfection. RI’m getting closer to my goal weight yet I’m drifting further apart from everything else. All of my friends can go out and have a good time, but I’m forced to put all of my energy into making myself into the image I so desperately want to see in the mirror. You’ve been by my side for as long as I can remember. You are the only one in the world that actually knows everything about me. You were the only one there through so many of hard times, and you are the absolute ONLY one that has NEVER left me.

What to Include in Your Goodbye Letter to Alcohol?

To my depressive state where I slept a bit more. Then I finally broke the silence with Ashton and broke down crying. I know I am freaking out about thanksgiving and that’s why I am doing so bad. Most of my family doesn’t even know that I have an eating disorder, let alone how to goodbye letter to addiction react or treat someone that does. Starting less than a year ago you snuck your way into my life by just helping me lose a couple pounds… Or at least that’s what I thought. In the beginning I assumed you were just normal thoughts in my head that everyone had – apparently not.

  • But the thing is, most of the time you’re keeping me alive.
  • But looking back at those times, I realize that they were all just make-believe.
  • You can write about how you knew you hit rock bottom and needed help.
  • They let you kill me and I know it’s your fault.

I wanted to become a better person. There was even a part of me that believed I could become a better person with you. Sadly, you are unwilling to share. You constantly blocked me from doing any of the things I wanted to do. In that sense, you quickly became my worst nightmare. Because of you, I ended up doing things that I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing.

Write positive affirmations for yourself

I’m going to compile these letters in a journal for my kids to read one day. Although they may not be able to forgive, my hope is that they will at least find comfort https://ecosoberhouse.com/ and understanding in knowing that you and I had nothing to do with them. There was never anything they could have said or done to rip you from my life.

goodbye letter to drug of choice template

You are like the best friend that’s really the enemy…an abusive lover, a deceitful stranger, a poisonous apple. You take advantage of me when I am weak, down and out. I had no one but you for so many years and when people started to become my friends I had to choose and I chose you because I couldn’t live without you. And if my friends couldn’t handle that, they couldn’t handle me. They didn’t love me unconditionally anyway.

I would try sometimes to go out and have fun with my real friends. After only an hour or two, I would feel you calling me, tugging at me, telling me I had to go home and be with you or I would suffer consequences. Addiction recovery happens at a different pace for everyone. You’re working through major life changes, and there’s no exact timetable for full rehabilitation. During this process, honesty – both with yourself and with the friends and family members journeying with you – is crucial. It used to make me angry, even enraged that you were always so close, a constant presence in my life.

  • Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible.
  • Yet, every one of these things were false.
  • As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I’ll always try to remember the good times of my life and put the bad times behind me.
  • Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today.

You, heroin, were a magic ingredient, and you kept me doing your evil bidding. I realized that if I continued to see you, I would be enslaved by you forever. Honestly, I don’t really remember exactly when I realized it was over. You made me abandon my sense of right and wrong to keep us together. Whenever I did something illegal for you, I would tell myself it was just one time. I didn’t even care that you had zero concerns about what happened to me.

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